Vibrant Aging

Vibrant aging - Lymph Purify, La Jolla, CAA healthy life depends largely on the circulation and proper function of the lymphatic system.

Stress is the major factor in lymph congestion.

Stress, lack of exercise and wireless technologies are a few of factors that contribute to lymph stagnation. Over time this can cause a weakening of the immune system and a slowdown of the metabolism. Also a contributing factor to premature aging.

Aging is not only about how we look, this lymph stagnation inhibits oxygen delivery to the cells creating an acidic environment and pain. Vitality and vibrant aging begins with rejuvenating the cells and reversing the over acidification of the blood and tissues.

Better Beauty

Lymph purify for mens healthMany believe the lymphatic system to hold the key to youth and rejuvenation. The body does not wear out, it regenerates itself. Over time, many of us have come to accept developing a degenerative disease or simply feeling incrementally worse each year as part of the aging process. It is not.

In emphasizing prevention, there is much we can do to take responsibility for our well being and quality of life.

As we age, our bodies, and especially our skin, begin to loose their ability to retain and utilize oxygen for the formation of new cells. Add to this stress, pollution, smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise and you have a serious oxygen deficiency.

Clearing stagnant lymph is a true path to vitality, radiant beauty and glowing skin.