Lymph Dysfunction and its role In Prostate Health

Lymph and Mens Health - Lymph PurifyRecent studies suggest that a healthy lifestyle can help reduce the risk of prostate cancer, a disease that strikes roughly 200,000 men each year.

Lymphatic therapy is a holistic approach that helps set the precondition for the body to heal itself by increasing circulation and encouraging the elimination of stored cellular waste.

The Importance of Cleansing

Mens health and healthy aging - Lymph PurifyThe prostate is the vital center from which men derive much of their vitality, creative energy and sexual drive. When the body becomes congested, energy, passion and quality of life can be severely diminished. Sleeping patterns, brain function and immunity can become compromised.

In men, special attention should be paid to the inguinal lymph nodes in the groin area. These nodes, or filters, serve as the primary channel for lymphatic drainage, a vital connecting point for lymph fluid removal. These nodes are responsible for helping the prostate gland stay healthy and in balance.

Electro Lymphatic Therapy is a safe and effective tool for detoxification of a sluggish lymphatic system. This filter and delivery system of the body helps keep the internal environment healthy by carrying toxins away from the cells and for the critical delivery of oxygen, nutrients and hormones to the cells.

Prevention is key to immunity, energy and living life at a higher level.