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Lymph Purify Electro Lymphatic Therapy System

Lymph Purify Electro Lymphatic Therapy System


The Lymph Purify Electro Lymphatic Therapy System sets the precondition for the body to heal itself. Using the principles of quantum physics vibrational photon energy is used to dissipate lymph blockages that can interfere with the ability of lymph circulation to carry toxins away from the cells and transport life sustaining oxygen, nutrients and hormones into the cellular tissue. Lymph Purify clears stagnant lymph fluid, improves lymphatic circulation and increases negative charge in the tissue stimulating life energy.


Product Description

Lymph Purify Electro Lymphatic Therapy is in a class of technology known as vibrational science. The applications are a safe and highly effective tool for detoxification of a sluggish lymphatic system. The instrument receives it’s results on an energetic level. Cells have an electromagnetic charge that either binds them together or keeps them apart. Lymph Purify works by re balancing the charge of the cell’s electromagnetic field. It provides information in the form of harmonics of sound and light to the energy field of the cells. The result of this application is the breaking up of blockages through the repolarization of proteins. When the polarity of the blockages is reversed, stagnant lymph is cleared, increasing and the integrity of the cell.

The Lymph Purify ELT System comes complete with everything you need for your Electro Lymph Therapy at your home or Spa.  It includes:
Lymph Purify Electro Lymphatic Therapy Unit
Instructional DVD
Therapy Wand

While the ELt is a perfectly safe process it is still important not use on anyone who:
has an electronic device such as a pacemaker.has had surgery or an organ transplant, until consulting a physician, to make sure that the body has adapted properly to these altered changes. is on life support, has rods or pins, head coils, staples or stunts. has major cardiac problems. or  is on blood thinner.anyone who is hemorrhaging or bleeding.
Women who is pregnant, but after the baby is born it may help with fluid retention and recovery.
Remove any dentures, as they contain metal. • No jewelry—client or therapist •
Do not wear make-up, perfumes, lotions or deodorant

No shaving or waxing 24 hours prior to session. •

No food 2 to 4 hours prior to a session.



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